The reason we chosen the word “Reale” (meaning “Real” in Italian language) is because it is our vision to create an environment and value a commitment that would give realistic opportunities and outcomes for the children.

To attain the ability of making effort, cooperation, gratitude, imagination and critical thinking, as well as to experience the importance of persistence and for the joy of achieving, all of which through the training of soccer, we aim to build teams that could allow the children to attain these “Real” entities in their early stage of life.

We feel it is inevitable that we should strive to build teams where every coach can also grow together with children, because we do not limit our emphasis on tactical and skill training but most significantly to face with each children’s growth of well-being.


“Sports is equal in value to life”

FC REALE is an environment, in soccer as means, for children to strive for improvements in soccer skills ultimately to attain the strength to self-actualize in the society.





 2013年、ネパールでもFC REALE NEPALを発足しました。





From the 1st grade to Junior high school students, all children who have the passion to play soccer are eligible to join the team.

Ambition is indispensable for true learning.

Therefore, we constantly challenge to build a team that encourages children’s spontaneity to generate contiguous ambition, to provide the utmost opportunity for the infinite possibility that expands from their love and curiosity of soccer.

In 2013, we also initiated our team in Nepal, FC REALE NEPAL.

If children could share the faith that “we can do it!” regardless of their circumstances, to reach beyond countries and race...

If children could develop a skill needed to survive in this global society, to grow and lead the world with their proactive internalized values to a better and peaceful future...

We are oriented to ultimately design such educational environment for the children.

個の力を伸ばす = 個に合った指導


Investing in individual strength  =  Personalized guidance for each individual


グローバル社会への対応 = 外国人(英語)コーチの導入


Preparation for global society  =  Installation of foreign (English speaking) coaches


チーム力 = 仲間の中から学ぶ


Team building ability  =  learning through the interactions with team mates

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