ジュニア(U12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6)


レアーレadult (高校生〜何歳まででも)


Age Categories

Junior (U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, U7, U6)

Junior Youth (U15)

REALE Adults (U16 and above)













As each children has his/her own discernible character, every coach also has his/her uniqueness.

FC REALE values to utilize this coach’s uniqueness and the application of his/her profession, promoting to contrive the coaching methods and the team building of our coaches, for the aim to develop inclusively each children’s individual skills and team mentality.


We also invite coaches from overseas to conduct training in English.

Not only for an aim to incorporate foreign training methods and English language, but to incite children’s communication skills and imagination for the preparation of today’s globalizing society.



FC REALE Team Rules and Agreements

■第1条 名称・事務所



Rule #1 - Title/Office

FC REALE is a Club Soccer Team, where its office is located at the address of 1317-393 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka, Japan.


■第2条 目的



Rule #2 - Purpose

FC REALE is a youth club team and is a project of NPO REALE WORLD to create an environment for any children to play soccer, to make effort, to cooperate, to learn manner and to attain the strength of achieving. Its purpose is to nurture and develop children through soccer to carry on the future, the future of our world.


■第3条 構成



Rule #3 - Structure

The team is composed by boys and girls from the youngest school age to a junior youth category


■第4条 入会資格




Rule #4 - Admissions Requirements

The admission fee of NPO REALE WORLD supporters registration fee (6,000 JPY) and FC REALE operation fee (4,000 JPY) is to be paid at the entry and annually.


■第5条 活動


月曜日 15時〜17時(富戸小学校)

火曜日 19時〜21時(対島中学校)

水曜日 15時〜17時(富戸小学校)

木曜日 19時〜21時(城ヶ崎高校)

金曜日 19時〜21時(対島中学校)

土曜日 9時〜11時(池小学校)



火曜日 19時〜21時(対島中学校)

水曜日 19時〜21時(城ヶ崎高校)

木曜日 19時〜21時(城ヶ崎高校)

金曜日 19時〜21時(対島中学校)

土曜日 9時〜11時(池小学校)


※ 富戸小学校の練習は、サッカースクールとする。なお、大会に出場するためにはサッカースクールを除く2日間の練習参加が条件。


Rule #5 - Schedule

Middle School Students (U7 to U12)

Monday  3 PM ~ 5PM (Futo Middle School)

Tuesday  7 PM ~ 9 PM (Tajima Junior High School)

Wednesday  3 AM ~ 5 PM (Futo Middle School)

Thursday  7 PM ~ 9 PM (Jougasaki High School)

Friday  7 PM ~ 9 PM (Tajima Junior High School)

Saturday  9 AM ~ 11 AM (Ike Middle School)


Junior High School Students (U13 to U15)

Tuesday  7 PM ~ 9PM (Tajima Junior High School)

Wednesday  7 PM ~ 9 PM (Jougasaki High School)

Thursday  7 PM ~ 9 PM (Jougasaki High School)

Friday  7 PM ~ 9 PM (Tajima Junior High School)

Saturday  9 AM ~ 11 AM (Ike Middle School)


■第6条 障害保険




Rule #6 - Personal Sports Accident Insurance

At the time of admission, an entry for Sports Accident Insurance is required (800 JPY)


■第7条 免責



Rule #7 - Exemption from Obligation

FC REALE is not responsible for any damage, accident or stolen act occurred during the practice/game at the site of practice/game nor for the vehicle and during the transportation , and members of FC REALE or their parents do not have the rights to claim obligation to FC REALE for any responsibility.


■第8条 大会への参加・出場






Rule #8 - Entry and Participation to Tournaments

Children whom has the will to participate for a tournament has to make a registration procedure and make a payment for articles indicated below.

Annual registration fee: 4,100 JPY  (In details - Sports Accident Insurance fee: 800 JPY, Youth Sports Organization fee: 600 JPY, Shimoda Soccer Association fee: 1,000 JPY, Japan Football Association(JFA) fee: 1,700 JPY)

Purchase of an uniform/training outfit.


■第9条 父母会




Rule #9 - Parent’s Association

The parent’s association and/or an act of parents assigning shift of duties are not allowed.

(We only welcome parent’s spontaneous support for the children and team.)


■第10条 警告・退会・除名




Rule #10 - Admonition/ Expulsion/ Dismissal

Children’s misbehavior act of disruption or interference for the operation of the team will be cautioned strictly. If his/her behavior do not improve after multiple caution, he/she will be given a warning. If there is no sign of intention to rectify, he/she may given an expulsion from the team. In case of severely bad or abusive act or remark, he/she will be handled with dismissal.



Call us :

0557-51-5227 (+81)

Find us :


1-466 oomuro-kogen, Ito city, Shizuoka, Japan

project by NPO REALE WORLD